Procedures and Preparations

For information about digestive disease topics and procedures, visit the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC) website.


The following files have information to help you prepare for an upcoming procedure. Click any link to download the PDF.

Colonoscopy Instructions

Magnesium Citrate Colonoscopy Instructions

Miralax Gatorade Colonoscopy Instructions

Nulytely Instructions for Colonoscopy

PREPOPIK Colonoscopy Instructions

SUPREP Colonoscopy Instructions

Two Day Prep Colonoscopy Instructions

EGD Instructions

ERCP Instructions

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Instructions

Lower Endoscopic Ultrasound Instructions

Upper Endoscopic Ultrasound Instructions

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Parking Map for Candler

Parking Map for Memorial

Parking Map for St Josephs