Telemedicine is making it easier than ever to make an appointment and discuss any gut health or discomfort issues with a doctor. These virtual appointments allow us to meet with patients in order to assess their level of need before coming in for a face-to-face appointment.

Practicing social distancing doesn’t have to mean neglecting the rest of your overall health. But because the concept of meeting with a doctor through video may be new and uncomfortable for some people, we wanted to discuss the value of telemedicine and explain some of the things you might want to consider.

Why meet with your doctor through video first?

Telemedicine allows you to discuss symptoms, medical issues, and more with a healthcare provider in realtime. Often, you can receive a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan right on the call.

The telephone was the first technology to enable ‘virtual visits,’ giving the ability to talk to a doctor without first going into the clinic. Advancements in technology have simply allowed communication via the internet to become more of the norm. Now, video is helping improve our communication even further.

Through a virtual telemedicine visit, your provider will assess your symptoms, review your medication regimen, recommend testing and treatment options, and more. Patients with conditions such as reflux, Crohn’s disease, and IBS will benefit from TeleHealth appointments.

What to watch out for:

Keep in mind that any changes in your bowel habits or any pain or discomfort are symptoms worth exploring with a doctor.

Watch out for sudden constipation or constipation that occurs regularly. Frequent diarrhea should also be discussed with your doctor as it could initially signify the need for further screening. Bowel incontinence should always be discussed with a doctor.

Also consider any unexplained anemia, extreme and frequent fatigue, unintended weight loss, and other GI problems such as vomiting, nausea, or abdominal pain and cramping.

If these or similar symptoms persist, it’s wise to inform your physician about your symptoms and make an appointment. Most health issues are best to detect as early as possible.

How to Schedule a Telemedicine Appointment

Gastroenterology Consultants of Savannah has made it easy to set up virtual appointments (Telemedicine). Simply contact us here or call (912) 354-9447.